Through the story of a new CEO's journey, The Escalator Effect  shares four fundamental factors of organizational effectiveness to create a virtuous cycle of rising success. 

Consider a few comments from executives exposed to the Escalator Effect:

  • "A proven must-have framework for success."

  • "A valuable resource in good and tough times."

  • "My go-to model for business focus and execution."

  • "I don't know what I've been doing all these years. I mean, I think I've been successful, but now I realize how much better I can and will be!"

If you are a seasoned executive seeking new insights, a start-up just getting going, a CEO, department manager, or even an aspiring leader, the proven concepts in this book can give you the tools and ideas to raise your game. And unless you are a commodity (where the only differentiator is price), whether you are a multi-national, a mom-and-pop shop, or even a non-profit, the key tenets of organizational leadership and growth are the same:

  • You need focus.

  • You need engaged employees.

  • You need an exceptional customer experience, and 

  • You need relevant differentiation in the marketplace. 

This book — and the Escalator Factors in particular — can help you on your journey.