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1) Focus

2) Employee Engagement

3) Customer/Member Experience

4) Relevant Distinction


You know the adage. “If you try to be everything to everyone, you end up being … nothing to anyone.” This first rule has plagued many companies for years. Think of the most successful organizations in nearly any industry. Chances are they are focused, with potentially a narrow and defined niche, and/or are known for a specific attribute or quality (brand) that they maintain religiously. Apple – innovation. Honda — quality. BMW – the ultimate driving experience. Wal-Mart – “always the low price.” Focus is the starting point of success. Focus is the fuel of passion, drives execution of purpose, and is the engine of successful strategy.


• What is your corporate focus?

• How well have you defined your niche, their needs, and your key measurement and goals to execute accordingly?



"If we try to be everything to everyone, we'll end up being nothing to anyone."


- Malcom Bane


Employee Experience

Employees create and deliver the customer experience. It may not be a direct line from happy employees to happy customers, but an exceptional customer experience without dedicated, engaged employees is quite simply, impossible.


• How engaged are your team members?

• Want to know what would make the difference in moving their commitment from average to exceptional, and their contributions from good to great?



If you are not distinct, you will be … extinct. Providing specific, targeted, relevant services in a unique, and distinctly better way is what true leadership – and a sustaining business strategy -- is all about. It is also the defining hallmark of an effective brand. When you have Focus (step one above), you can create relevant distinction – in your products, services, and delivery. Without Focus, creating meaningful differentiation in your company is virtually impossible. Maintaining and executing to the mindset of Relevant Distinction helps you to continually evolve, improve, and grow.


• Feeling too commoditized or undifferentiated in a

   highly competitive marketplace

Relevant Distinction

"If you are not distinct, you will be extinct."


Customer/Member Experience

Advocacy research proves customer/member loyalty drives financial performance and organic growth. Is word of mouth working for you or against you – or simply not working at all?


• How well do you know your customer experience?

• How well do you compete in the marketplace?

• To what extent have you measured it, studied it, and strategized to improve it?


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Put the – Four Foundational Principles for Organizational Success –To Work For You


Our proprietary Escalator Model© is built on four foundational principles of organizational success:






Vision-Driven leadership (and shared vision) is a critical component in any company’s success. Is everyone on the same page? Is every flashlight pointing in the same direction? The Escalator Model© provides the means to assess and build each component above in your organization. Put the principles to work for you.