Philosophy + Values

Goldman Consulting & Strategy believes research and leadership serve the same end: to facilitate positive change. Positive change flows from the best decisions. And the best decisions flow from insights and information, obtained in a process-driven way. GCS has built its reputation on successfully helping organizations and leaders to discover greater possibility, find focus, grow and thrive.


Our philosophy is to be your advocate — a true partner — in your growth and success.

Goldman Consulting & Strategy provides research and leadership enhancement services for a single end:

to facilitate positive change.


That's it.  That's who we are.  That's what we do.




Our work is based on proven principles and foundational models of business success. Our focus group work embodies key psychological progression concepts to create engagement and active participation, and time-tested strategies to avoid group think. Our surveys incorporate sound research methods and question-design strategies. Our consulting work incorporates extensive models to leverage prior research and learning, including: Managing by Missions; the SQ+ Loyalty Drivers© model; the Escalator Factors© model, NPS, brand valuation models, Shared Vision/Distinction model©, …. And more.




Our commitment is to provide research, consulting, or speaking services where the burden of the work is on us. You have a business to run, and other projects to attend to. Our processes engage our clients to begin with the end in mind — to answer the question, “If we fast forward to the end of the project and you are happy, what did you learn, and/or what was accomplished?” The onus of responsibility is then squarely on us to make it happen.



The Long-Term View.

We believe most decisions are best made with a retrospective perspective. When faced with a significant decision, if we were to look back decades from now, what would we have wished we would have done? Today’s concerns are certainly important. But what happens as a result of our decisions in the long term is vital.



Proactive Altruism.

We believe long-term success is built on service and value enhancements — without being asked. Our goal is to proactively help our client’s grow and improve their businesses and lives.



No Negative Surprises. 

We work to determine project requirements, stakeholder issues, deliverables, timelines, fee structures, and more in the project development phase to meet client needs without negative surprises.  Our commitment is to be on-time, on-budget, and highly communicative throughout each of our client engagements.  We make no such limit, however, to positive surprises: useful insights, added value, an enjoyable – even fun – process, and better than expected outcomes.


We Facilitate Positive Change.


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