"... it's impossible to get to happy customers from unhappy employees."
"If we try to be everything to everyone, we'll end up being nothing to anyone."
"The customer is the ultimate arbiter of success."








What is your customer experience? 
What are their priorities, wants, needs, perceptions and priorities? 
How engaged are they, and what are the key drivers of their loyalty? 
Where are your product and service strengths, gaps, and opportunities for improvement? 
What is the culture, climate, and overall employee experience at your organization? 
How engaged and aligned are your team?
What are the correct ways to act, think, and feel at your organization … and how well will they serve you moving forward?
What does your business stand for? 
What key niche and needs do you serve? 
What are your defined contributions and sustaining commitments? 
And how aligned is your team, your goals, and your measurements to this focus?
  • Strategic planning

  • Consulting

  • Speaking

  • Training

  • Coaching

  • 360 Surveys

  • Board Assessments

  • E3 Employee
    Engagement Survey

  • Corporate Culture Assessment

  • Staff Focus Groups

  • Employee Workshops

  • Training

  • Speaking

  • Customer/Member Survey

  • Focus Groups

  • Online Surveys

  • Phone Surveys

  • Mail Surveys

  • NPS/Transaction surveys

  • Speaking

  • SQ+ Loyalty Driver Analysis

  • Brand Research

    • Focus Groups

    • Surveys

  • Speaking (Brand launch)

  • Target Market Research

  • Online Surveys

  • Customer/Member Research

1. What unique, target-specific value do you provide that sets you apart? 
2. What positioning do you own in relevance, differentiation, awareness, and image?  
"If you are not distinct, you will be extinct."