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Neil Goldman, Ed.D., MBA
Senior Partner
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Our philosophy is to be your advocate — a true partner — in your growth and success.   Dr.
Neil Goldman, Senior Partner, has served financial  institutions and varied other clients in 43 states for nearly three  decades.  Neil has built his career on successfully helping individuals  and leaders to discover greater possibility, find focus, grow and  thrive.
Neil holds a doctorate degree in organizational leadership from Pepperdine University.  His educational background includes a B.A. in Communication Studies from the University of California @ Santa Barbara, and an MBA with a marketing  emphasis from Pepperdine University.
Neil is a frequent speaker at industry conferences, and a regular contributor to  industry trade publications (including his monthly column in The  Credit Union Journal).  
At GCS, we attribute our  research success to delivering professional, accurate and on-time reports, and a philosophy that research can and should be easy to implement, easy to  read and use, and actionable.
We distinguish our consulting services with clear communication, joint-development of goals and  objectives, and implementation strategies rooted in principles and theory, yet  solidly grounded from over twenty five years of real-world corporate experience.  
With humor, infectious positivity, and professionalism, Neil Goldman would welcome the chance to dialogue on how GCS could be of service to you.
Better Decisions.
Better Leadership.

Dr. Neil Goldman
Neil Goldman helps leaders better understand and better meet the changing needs of their current and potential customers/clients and employees.  Whether from focus groups, through facilitating planning meetings, engaging workshops or training sessions, or custom research development (through multiple methodologies), Neil’s continuing objective is to turn information into action, and research into results.

Neil's doctorate work uncovered four key drivers of organizational success:
     • Focus
     • Engaged Employees
     • An Exceptional Member/Customer Experience
     • Relevant Distinction in the marketplace

GCS works to enhance organizational effectiveness by helping clients to improve in one or more of these four areas.
GCS attributes their consulting reputation to a foundation of core organizational leadership principles, and proven real-world strategies that allow leaders to assess and build growing levels of fulfillment and success.